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Name:                    Alessandra                                                                               

Surname:               Caliendo

Born in:                  Napoli 17/08/1973

Residence:             Carrer de Floridablanca n° 102 - Barcelona

Phone number:     0034.3485439896 italian – 0039.654698088 spannish

E-mail - website:   alecaliendo@libero.it  www.almaroca.it

Nationality:            Italian    




1987/1993     Courses in Ceramics, Fashion and Costume, Decorations at the Institute of Art “U. Boccioni”

                   and “F. Palizzi“ of Naples.

1991 Sep.    Diploma of Master of Arts section. Dec. Pictorial at  I.S.A. “F. Palizzi“ of Naples.

1993 Jul.     Diploma in Applied Art section. Decorations painting c / o I.S.A. “F. Palizzi”.

1996  Sep.   She enrolled in “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Naples at the course of Scenography.

2001 Jul.     She finished her academic studies and graduated, with a Degree in Art (110 e lode), presenting

                   theatrical works projects: “The high wire” (1945) by G. Jenet, “Chairs” (1952) E. Ionesco, “Blue”

                   (1993) by Derek Jarman (Theatrical transposition from the film work), “L'elisir d'amore” (1832)

                   by G. Donizetti.

 Foreign languages: average knowledge of spoken and written English.



Training experiences

1997 Feb.-Jun.    Course of theatre “The Priest and the Warrior”, directed by Pedro Sarubbi, actor and

                           director of the Piccolo Theatre in Milan.
1997 Jul.-Aug.    Aller vers l'AutreTheatre Workshop, (Naples), directed by Mamadou Dioumassi

                           from the International Centre of Téàtrales Paris by Peter Brook, about some tracks of 

                           “Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare.
1998 May.          Boxing Traviata produced by the Academy of Arts in Naples Set Photographer and

                            theatrical backdrop executer .
1999 Apr.            Participates at the Performance of sceneryStorm en plein air”, sponsored by the

                           Academy of Arts in Naples, at “Bosco di Capodimonte”.
1999 May.           Exposes their Renaissance costumes, made with recycled materials, in Molfetta (Ba) at

                           the occasion of “Kalenda maia” IV edition of the Festival of Old Town, sponsored by the

                           Association Cultural Calixtus, in collaboration with the Academy of B.A. in Naples, and

                           with the sponsorship of common of Molfetta - Assess. Culture.
1999 Jul.             Take part at the “International exhibition of sculpture”, presenting a project (in collab.

                           with Francesca Buommino) Modular exhibitors for the exhibition of sculptures 

                           sketches and any related sketches, organized by Peace (Park archaeology of culture and

                           creative activities in Europe), WHF (Heritage Found Wotld Campania) on commissioned

                           by the town of Portici, in collaboration with ABA Naples, and with the sponsorship 

                           Institute for Philosophical Studies, held at Villa Savonarola.

2005 Nov.           Decorative design for lamps by Slamp, a company that responded very positively to

                           proposal but did not realize it following by sudden change of product sales.


Professional Experience


2009 Dic.     Creates with AlmaRoca Invitation and Brochure for Contemporastudio Jewellery, Naples, 


2007 - 2009   “Jolly” collaborator for Novelli Arredamenti www.novelliarredamenti.com in Naples:

                     public relations officer and secretary

2004 Feb.     Backdrop executer  for “Mekane”, theatrical laboratory, by Riccardo Buzzanca in Roma.

2004 Jan.     The laboratory scenic backdrop execute for “Scenic Area” by Gerardo Lizza  and 

                    Luciano Proietti - Acilia (Roma). r
2003 Apr.    Director of the Theatrical show“Blue, la vita nonostante la morte (“Blue, life despite the

                    death”) freely based from the film “Blue” by Derek Jarman, Galleria Toledo Theatre in

                    Naples, for which she designers and realizes also Scenography, Lighting, Costumes, Sound

                    track, Props and posters.
2003 Apr.     Designs and builds sets for the show Napoli ieri Napoli oggi”(“Yesterday Naples, today

                     Naples”) an idea by Ezio  Margotti, music teacher at the Theatre The Masks of Arzano (Na).
2003 Mar.    Setting up and decorating the space “Kestè”, cartoonists reserved at  “Comicon” - Napoli,

                    Castel S. Elmo, with the exposure of " Tavole Emozionate for Blue, life despite the death”

                    and the projection of the video “Zia Amalia poeteggia” (“E 'Femmene” and “Controra” by

                    Ernesto Murolo): demonstration of personal video animation.
2002 May.    “Kestè”-Pozzuoli www.keste.it - Personal painting exhibitionTavole Emozionate

2002 Mar.    Produce Costumes and props for the show “Checkpoint Charlie” directed by Nicola

                    Napoli: director, actor and founder of the company “Casa Babylon Theatre" in Pagani (Sa).
2002 Feb.     Carnival costumes and scenes for the concert of “Melisma” at the pub Colonial

                     of  Salerno.

2001 Dec.     Costumes and video taping for the show “Dorganiscordati, concert for all senses”,   for the

                     music group Melisma, at Teatro Nuovo of Salerno (Naples).
2000 Apr.     Costume designer  in Mascalucia (Pa) for the show “Resurgite” by Turi D’Anca, Sicilian

                     actor and director, founder of the “Teatrodifuori” of Catania.
1997 Sep.      Decorate doors with drawings at the Pubristogardenmusicarte “Kestè”,   Fabrizio

                    Caliendo: founder of “Kestè mentality” of the association “Woodstock”, the coop. “Works”

                    and “Artéteca” www.keste.it 


Hobbies and interests


- Of course for her, in the first place is the artistic creation, particularly using hands, colours and

   music, in any material she can match.
- Music has always been her life soundtrack, from rock to classic music, Italian folk, Dark, Punk, Hip

   Hop, Jungle, Reggae, Jazz, Instrumental, Ethnic, Experimental, Minimalist, and others; and she likes


- She's very fond of watching nature, human beings and science in general, she loves travels and

   follows documentaries of such subjects.
- She likes art exhibitions, plays, films, books and newspapers, obvious consequences of her life and

- Self-taught in the use of camera (Panasonic 400 X).
- Self-taught computer skills: Word, Scanner, Adobe Photoshop, Pinnacle Studio version 7, Adobe

   Premiere 6.5, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Black.

- Sports: Swimming, Base-ball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Equestrian, Volleyball, Diving (PADI),  

    marksmanship with pistol, archery, and much more.
- Worked in several Naples bars and pubs generally coordinating table service (Pub Riot, “Banana Split”,

   “Caffè nobile”, Pub “Chiatamon Sax Café”, Pub “Manneken Pis”, and at PubRistoGardenArts  Kestè).
    Everyone was always satisfied, for her distinguished punctuality, precision and affability.


1993 May.  She started with tattoos and that will take 3 years to travelling to Europe, Thailand,

                    India and Africa.



1996 Aug.   Cooperate with the agency Jumping Time of Naples at the Camping La Tortuga in Vignola (SS)

                   as: Animator of contact, with particular attention to the children world, Designer of

                   interior signage / decor of the fixed mobile structure camping / costume designer and

                   author of sketch comedy - Qualified as sub P.A.D.I. with the Pink Shark Monza at the

                   internal structures.
2003 Jun.   Draw decorations at computer for different assumed locations and uses and purposes.
2003 Sep.   Begins to make sculptures with sand.
2004 Aug.   Cashier at the ticket Metro P.zza Amedeo (Na).
2004 Dec.   Bar tender and waitress service at “Sound Archives” in Via Morghen - Naples, following

                  Bartender courses.
2005 Oct.   Designes and realizes other sculptures in sand, painted with tempera or not, or by grafting

                  different materials
2005 Nov.   Designes and realizes jewels in sand and different materials.
2005 Dec.   Designes and realizes paintings in tempera on sand.
2005 Dec.   Creates greeting cards with sand for Kestè’s staff.
2006 Jul.    Opera panciacathartic creation with the purpose of social protest, after meeting the

                   gallerist Franco Riccardo.
2006 Aug.   From “Opera pancia” she starts an investigation (pen on paper): a graphic works of insight

                   character, that will lead her to the creation of travel works, titled “Sphere” and  Energy

                   sphere(tempera on paper).

2007 Jan.    Begins to paint with temperaBambini in cassette” (Children on cassettes).
2007 Aug.   Pictures in Salina Island: “Flowers, Images from the sea, Salina in flames  Flowers in

                   Salina, Miao in Salina, The colours of iron, Full moon in Salina, Brace”.

2007 Dec.    Three children, graphic elaboration of b/w pictures.
2008 Jan.     Mobiles with Maurizio Rodriguez.
2008 Aug.    Pictures: street performance by “Glen a cappella”, around Atrani and Amalfi, traditional

                    fishermen summer event in Atrani.
2008 Aug.    Produce an artistic bottle and a murales for Gino.
2009 Jun.     With Maurizio Rodriguez, the website "AlmaRoca" www.almaroca.it

2009 Sep.     Party to live in Barcelona and wishes that her life is steeped in art.


                     Alessandra Caliendo

                Authorizing the processing


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